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Mother/daughter relationships are (vitally, and perhaps frustratingly) important in our lives. Oh gosh. I teach workshops, talk a lot and I wrote a book with Momma (Sil) Reynolds about it.
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What if we could reframe the stereotype of teen “angst” and change rising against to rising for? A workshop for girls and guys. A new idea. Two young co-directors. What do YOU want to rise for? Learn More

Here are the book readings, the conferences, the workshops… Check out what I’m up to, and meet me there! Bring me to your school, community or workplace.

Why is it “normal” for us teenage girls and young women to have a negative relationship with our bodies? What can we do to get over it? Attempted answers coming to a kindle near you in the next 2 to 3 years. Read more.

What people are saying about Eliza’s new book with Sil Reynolds. Read More

Eliza is a 22-year-old workshop leader, author, speaker, blogger and “professional big sister.” She dances to find her happy place, organizes like a Capricorn, and feels her feelings with much enthusiasm. More/Contact Eliza.

I host The Whole Girl – a blog for the perfectly imperfect/the sassy, the sarcastic, and the scared/the overwhelmed, the ecstatic, and the real. Photos, videos, thoughts and articles a la Eliza brain stream. Come on over.